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Founded in Vicenza in July 2003, Mediterranea was conceived and developed as a virtuous model for the creation and distribution of accessories in the fashion world, with a proven expertise in the development of bags and small leather goods.

The inspiration and know-how of Mediterranea are deeply rooted in two distinct and essential elements: the managerial experiences of the cofounders, that covered important roles in multinational companies, dealing in clothing and footwear and the well-known craftsmanship and productive capability in manufacturing leather goods of the southern part of Italy and it's artisanal districts.



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Design team assigned to each brand
icona ricerca

Prototypes and industrialization phases are conducted internally
icona produzione

All our products are Made in Italy
icona qualita

All the productions are inspected piece by piece
icona logistica

Mediterranea makes use of an internal logistics

Design and Creativity

icona design creativita

Mediterranea develops and designs its collections internally, through specific design teams assigned to different brands. This creative department is formed by professional people coming from long experiences in the sportswear field, coordinated by a brand management specifically conceived for each brand.

Research and Prototypes

icona ricerca

The bags and small leather goods department is managed directly by the headquarter in Naples, where there is a product office and a specialized pattern maker. Prototypes and industrialization phases are conducted internally, while the research of the materials is assigned to the creative division of each of the brands.

Extreme care is dedicated to the research of leathers, strictly of Italian origin and silver or golden rate LWG certified, that means obtained in the most extreme precautions for the containment of pollution and waste of water and energy.

The design team continuously work on new trends, new ways of using leather, handmade treatments, washings, garment dyeing processes in collaboration with laundries of proven expertise.


icona produzione

From the development of prototyping, the production is conducted internally through the steps of cutting and assembly. This last step is managed by the owned productive bases in Naples and Moldova.
All our products are Made in Italy.


icona borse


7.000 units per week
icona pelletteria


15.000 units per week
icona cinture


10.000 units per week


icona qualita

A natural and tireless research of quality and perfection leads to the development of an internal quality control system.

Production phases are followed step by step, from cutting, to assembling and finishing, till the final resistance tests, operated on seams and on material treatments.

The quality control is carried out in the productive base in Naples, where all the productions are inspected piece by piece.


icona logistica

Mediterranea makes use of an internal logistics that, besides speeding up all procedures, allows the management of timely deliveries.




If you are interested in working at the headquarters in Vicenza, contact us at:


If you are interested in working at the headquarters in Naples, contact us at:



Registered office

Via Biron, 102 - 5A/B
36050 Monteviale (VI)
P.I. 03088850247
Productive and logistic base

Via De Roberto, 44 
80143 NAPOLI
T +39 081 19 57 48 57
F +39 081 19 57 48 40
Sales department

Villa Zileri / Via Biron, 102 
36050 Monteviale (VI)
T +39 044 40 42 761
F +39 044 40 42 760
How to contact us


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